The LBA has partnered with Blanchard Consulting Group to offer a Salary and Cash Compensation Survey with specific data cuts for Louisiana banks (where available).  This survey focuses on gathering salary and cash compensation (salary + annual cash incentive/bonus) data for approximately 20 executive positions and over 100 middle management and staff level positions.  In addition, the survey provides information on actual bonuses paid (as a percent of salary) as well as the earning opportunity level positions are eligible to earn under a performance-based cash incentive plan. 

This data can be used by human resource professionals to assist in assessing the competitiveness of base salary for most positions in your Bank, developing or managing salary grades, and making salary increase decisions.  In addition this survey provides information on the amount of annual cash incentive/bonus amounts paid to all positions throughout the Bank.  Data cuts will be broken out by asset size and region (coast, non-coast, and Louisiana) when a large enough sample is available.  The survey findings will be provided via email in PDF format.   

  •     LBA Member & Participant: $250
  •     LBA Member & Non-Participant: $500
  •     Non-LBA Member & Non-Participant: $800

For more information on purchasing a survey, contact Lauren Brown at or (225) 387-3282.