Bank-at-School Program

The Louisiana Bankers Education Council, working with schools and financial institutions across the state, sponsor the Bank-At-School program. The Louisiana Bank-At-School program helps thousands of young people across the state build the financial skills necessary to thrive in the increasingly complex economy they are preparing to enter.

Schools, cooperating with banks in their communities, open educational bank "branches" and give students access to their own savings accounts opened at the adopted bank.

At regularly scheduled "Bank Days" students are encouraged to make deposits into their accounts. The emphasis is on regular savings, not big balances.

Along with this, the Bank-At-School programs also provides a set of classroom lessons complete with benchmarks and activities, detailed in the Bank-At-School curriculum guide, to accompany the students' banking experience.

Bank At School Suggested Guidelines

  1. Banker and school official meet to review Bank-at-School concept and the opportunity for opening a branch in the school.
  2. School official assigns faculty member to work with banker
  3. Banker and school official select opening date and subsequent schedule for bank days.
  4. Banker decides on minimum and maximum deposit amounts to be deposited on school bank days.  Most banks do not allow withdrawals to be made at the school. 
  5. Banker decides on interest rate of savings accounts in the program and how statements will be rendered and delivered to the students.
  6. School sends notice to parent/guardian explaining the specifics of the program and asking for information to open savings account, which includes student name, address, social security number, and, parent/guardian name, address, phone, social security number.  The parent/guardian signs the notice to allow the student to open a savings account through the Bank-at-School program. 
  7. Banker prepares signature cards with the above information then sends the signature card back to the parent for signature. The bank sends rules governing the account to the parent/guardian with the signature card.
  8. Banker contacts Louisiana Bankers Association to obtain a teacher’s manual for the Bank-at-School lesson to be taught in the classroom.
  9. Banker may work with students who act as tellers and bank officers during bank days.
  10. Banker and school contact decide on a “Grand Opening” of the Bank-at-School and invite school officials, bank officials, Louisiana Treasurer, Louisiana Young Bankers to the “ribbon cutting” ceremony.
  11. School contact may invite banker into classroom during lesson as guest speaker.

For additional information please contact Ginger Laurent at the LBA office, (225) 214-4824 or

To request a printed copy of the Bank at School: A Teacher's Guide For Comprehensive Learning, email Please note: For out of state requests, documents can be downloaded and copied to accommodate classroom needs.

Bank at School Templates
The links below provide the basics of starting a Bank at School. Personalize the templates for your bank and school.
Bank at School GLEs
(Microsoft Word Document)
Bank at School GLE Labels & Terms
(Microsoft Word Document)
Deposit Slips
(Microsoft Word Document)
Drawer Count
(Microsoft Word Document)
General Ledger
(Microsoft Excel Workbook)
Grand Opening FAQs
(Microsoft Word Document)
Grand Opening List
(Microsoft Word Document)
Have Labels
(Microsoft Word Document)
Want Labels
(Microsoft Word Document)
Introductory Letter
(Microsoft Word Document)
Name Tags
(Microsoft Word Document)
Pass Book
(Adobe PDF File)
Reminder Flyer
(Adobe PDF File)
Savings Account Agreement
(Microsoft Word Document)
Student Employment Application
(Microsoft Word Document)