LBA Books 2 Borrow—a Lending Library for Member Bankers

The LBA staff has built a lending library for member bankers with a collection of books focused on professional development and banking-related topics.


Featured Books

212 the Extra Degree 
by Sam Parker & Mac Anderson

Five Star Service Solutions 
by Barbara Sanfilippo

Profit-Growth Banking
by Roxanne Emmerich

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Managing People
by Arthur R. Pell


How can I borrow books from the library? Do I need to get a library card? 

No library card is required to borrow books and you can check books out either in person or LBA will ship them to you, at no charge. If the books need to be shipped back to LBA, the borrower is responsible for the return shipment charges. Janet Pitts is the staff contact for Books 2 Borrow—let her know what you would like to borrow when you visit LBA's office or contact her at or (225) 214-4830.

How can I see what books are in the lending library? 

Click the button above the FAQs to download a spreadsheet of the current books in the lending library. Books are added to the library periodically—check back at least once a quarter to see what is new. The spreadsheet has a column for when each book was added to the library, so you can sort the list and find the newest additions.

Who is able to borrow books? 

The lending library is open to current employees of LBA member banks.

How long are books lent out? 

Books are lent out 30 days at a time and you have an option to renew. 

What happens if a book I'd like to borrow is already lent out?

If the book you would like to borrow is already lent out, you will be added to a waiting list for that book and will be contacted when it becomes available.

How do I return a book? 

Books can be returned either by bringing it to the LBA office or you can ship them back to Books 2 Borrow, LBA, 5555 Bankers Ave., Baton Rouge, LA 70808. If the books need to be shipped back to LBA, the borrower is responsible for the return shipment charges. 

Where is the collection kept? 

The lending library is housed at LBA's office. You’ll see the Books 2 Borrow sign in the open office area located towards the front of the building. 

What is the purpose of the program? What type of books are included in the program? 

The purpose of Books 2 Borrow is to give Louisiana bankers an opportunity to read something they may not have had the opportunity or access to read before. The lending library includes professional development and banking-related books.

Can I donate books to the program? 

Absolutely! We would love that. Just contact Janet Pitts at or (225) 214-4830.