The Louisiana Bankers Education Council is the educational outreach division of the LBA. The mission of the LBEC is to promote financial education among bankers and students throughout Louisiana. Providing banking study guides to Louisiana students has been part of the LBEC outreach program for many years. Simply Banking was developed by the 2003 Louisiana Bankers Education Council to present the basics about banking to high school and middle school students.

Simply Banking was designed to be used in the classroom, for home schooling or for independent learning. Seven sections in this teaching guide present simple facts bankers believe new customers need to understand, along with activities to help learners process the information presented and put it into practice. Each section also includes assistance for teachers, including: learning objectives, content standards and benchmarks and evaluation activities. Learning activities and worksheets may be duplicated for classroom use.

Please note: For out of state requests, documents can be downloaded and copied to accommodate classroom needs. To order copies of the student or teacher guide, email

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