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Q: Does MLA apply to the purchase of vacant land?  

A: Generally, yes, the Military Lending Act would apply as vacant land loans are not specifically exempt. Note, however, that transactions to finance initial construction of a dwelling that will secure the loan would be exempt as a residential mortgage, so in some cases this exemption may apply: “…Exceptions. Notwithstanding paragraph (f)(1) of this section, consumer credit does not mean: A residential mortgage, which is any credit transaction secured by an interest in a dwelling, including a transaction to finance the purchase or initial construction of the dwelling, any refinance transaction, home equity loan or line of credit, or reverse mortgage…” Click here to view the regulation.  


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Did you know that the bank should have a callback policy in place for wire request that are received electronically? 

  • A callback process helps verify a customer’s identity before sending funds. 
  • Always call the customer using the telephone number in the bank’s system and never rely on contact information contained in the electronic request. 
  • Proper documentation of the call including time and date, telephone number and person spoken to help create a record of due diligence for the bank.


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