Meet the Board: Q & A with LBA's Chairman Gary Littlefield of Gulf Coast Bank & Trust Company

As he begins his year as LBA's Chairman, Gary Littlefield tells us about his primary goal for the Association for the upcoming year and his favorite highlight from the previous year.

We quizzed Gary below, but first, take a look at his impressive CV:

  • Graduate of Louisiana Tech with a degree in Finance and the Graduate School of Banking at LSU.
  • Started his career in banking with Louisiana National Bank in 1981.
  • Named Baton Rouge Market President of Gulf Coast Bank and Trust Company in 2006.
  • Active in numerous community activities over the past 38 years, including serving terms as Board President for the Crisis Intervention Center in Baton Rouge, President of the Estate and Business Planning Council, President of the Sales and Marketing Executives of Baton Rouge, on the Board of Governors of the City Club of Baton Rouge, on St. Thomas More Festival Committee and Strategic Planning Committee and Commercial Banking Initiative Steering Committee Chair for LSU.

Q & A with Gary Littlefield

LBA: What is one goal you have for LBA in the coming year?

Littlefield: My primary goal for my 2019-2020 term as Chairman is to reach the $1 million mark for the Louisiana Bankers/Patrick Spencer/FISC Education Foundation.  We are very close to achieving that goal as of September 2019. Click here to see the foundation's list of donors.

LBA: What is a favorite highlight from your work with LBA over the past year?

Littlefield: My favorite activity has been traveling the state in February and August, meeting with both bankers and legislators at the LBA luncheons.  I am very proud to represent our banking profession both inside and outside the state.

LBA: What is the most valuable career training you have participated in?

Littlefield: The instruction I received at the Graduate School of Banking at LSU was definitely the most valuable to my career.