2018 CTRs and SARs Webinar Recording

Member Fee:  $165
Non-Member Fee:  $265

Speaker:  Debbie Crawford, gettechnical, Inc.

This webinar provides a thorough review of the Currency Transaction Report (CTR) process. We'll cover completing the form and proceed all the way to maintaining exemptions. Learn more about who you can exempt and who you cannot exempt. Learn how to complete CTRs with armored cars, aggregation of currency and many special issues on the CTR itself. Ten Hot Spots for CTR completion will be included, as well as tips for avoiding examination issues. This webinar will also include a comprehensive review of the Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) process. You will learn how to complete narratives, common errors, and how to share with law enforcement. This is a line-by-line look at the forms and your requirements to file. Time lines, identification, RSSDs, and exemptions will all be covered.

We will also cover the new SAR and instructions- added crimes, added cyber fields and added a note to FinCEN on GTOs and advisories.
9/21/2018 - 9/21/2019

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