2023 Writing a SAR Narrative Webinar Recording

Member Fee:  $165
Non-Member Fee:  $265

Speaker:  Debbie Crawford, gettechnical, inc

The SAR has a critical piece which is called the “Narrative”.  That is the area where you are able to put the things that did not fit into the data fields as well as help law enforcement gain an understanding of what has happened. If you write a good narrative, your SAR may be used by law enforcement.  If you don’t, it may get passed by and your subject gets away. Learn what the instructions tell us to do.  The 24 bullet points in the instructions help us focus on what is important to the overall SAR success.

What you will learn:
•             The narrative is where you complete what could not be included in the body of the SAR
•             The narrative is where we describe the who, what, where, when of the crime
•             The narrative is where we follow the 24 point process required in the instructions
•             Are you writing a good narrative
•             Are you making rookie mistakes

9/29/2023 - 3/29/2024

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