2023 Five Danger Zones for Commercial Flood Ins. Web Rec

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Speaker:  Susan Costonis, Compliance Consulting & Training

Flood compliance is complicated! The FDIC highlighted FDPA (Flood Disaster Protection Act) as one of the TOP FIVE areas of compliance violations in their 2023 Consumer Compliance Supervisory Highlights in 2023. The May 11, 2022 revised FAQs address some areas that have changed since they were last updated in 2011; several FAQs apply directly to commercial property and contents coverage.  Compliance with the flood insurance rules can present unique challenges in the commercial lending area. Commercial loan collateral may include a combination of residential and non-residential property, along with commercial inventory.  These scenarios can create problem areas for complying with flood regulations. This fast-paced session will focus on the five top danger zones for commercial lenders to comply with complex flood insurance requirements. These five danger zones are:
1.            Determining proper insurance amounts
2.            Calculating insurable value
3.            Coverage for Multiple Buildings
4.            Contents Coverage
5.            Mixed-Use Properties 

This webinar will also include highlights from the Federal Reserve’s Consumer Compliance Outlook 2022 article on Commercial Flood Insurance Compliance.


Matrix of 28 loan types; required disclosures for consumer and commercial loans with requirements for flood insurance

Checklist for commercial loans.

Flood insurance resources and tools for compliance

8/31/2023 - 3/1/2024

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