2023 BSA Exam Hot Button Issues Webinar Recording

Member Fee:  $165
Non-Member Fee:  $265

Speaker:  Debbie Crawford, gettechnical, inc

During this program we will look at the exam hot spots. What happened last year? What will be checked and looked at this year? Managing high risk customers and the ever-changing requirements for what we need and what we don’t need. We will also look at getting our policies, procedures and processes organized and up to date.

Topics include:
•             Governance—policy, procedures and processes (PPP)
•             De-Risking and Charities
•             Private ATM Operators
•             CDD and EDD
•             Keep Open Orders
•             SARs 
•             Risk Assessments—Updated for National Risk Assessment Changes and National Priorities 
•             Beneficial ownership status
•             Training and Audits
•             Lessons Learned from enforcement actions

8/30/2023 - 2/29/2024

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