2023 Compliance Risks of Adopting AI in Banking Web Rec

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Speaker:  Jason Lamb, Fidelity Bank

It is an exciting time in history right now – the developments in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) industry are happening at a shocking pace.  People are justifiably feeling scared, or excited, or a mixture of both, when they see what exactly is happening with Open AI’s GPT-4, and other forms of modern AI.  The use of AI has grown rapidly, in sectors ranging from retail stores to healthcare, to the US military.  The public is already interacting with AI in strange and surprising ways – and sometimes, without even knowing it!  These recent and ongoing developments are likely to have profound impacts on society.  

Meanwhile, numerous bank vendors are constantly approaching banks with offers to get access to various forms of AI, and to allow the AI to interact with bank customers and perform other important tasks that have traditionally required human sophistication.  Banking regulators are intensely interested in the topic of how AI impacts banking, and what that means for consumer outcomes.  A recent Federal Reserve event panel noted that AI, and the changes it will bring, is coming to banks of all sizes, and sooner rather than later. 

The pace of change will never be slower than it is today.  If you are a banker, you need to know about AI – even if AI scares you.  Attend this fun and engaging webinar to get up-to-speed on the latest exciting developments in AI, and what they mean for your bank.  This course was developed by a banker who has very closely followed the developments of AI and wants to increase the banking industry’s awareness of risks and risk-mitigation techniques that must be considered as we enter this new era.  

After this webinar you'll be able to:

  • Correctly answer the question, Can an AI lie? 
  • Correctly answer the question, Can an AI discriminate against customers?
  • Identify the risks of adoption of AI in Banking, with a focus on compliance risks, litigation risks, and even financial risks
  • Design a plan to mitigate the risks of AI
  • Identify the implications and challenges for your audit program
  • Incorporate change management into your compliance program
  • Help your Board, your colleagues, and your customers understand what is happening with AI and what it means for banking
7/11/2023 - 1/11/2024

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