2023 Prepping for Proposed Interagency CRA Rules Sem Rec

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Non-Member: $ 730

Speaker:  Kimberly Boatwright, Compliance Resource, LLC

This recording is from a 1-day instructor led program held on September 27  via Zoom. Recordings are 4 MP4 links. Electronic materials will be sent as well.

It’s been close to 30 years since the federal bank regulatory agencies overhauled the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) regulations. On May 5, 2022, after several false starts, the agencies issued a proposal to strengthen and modernize regulations implementing the CRA. The proposal features several significant revisions and will likely become final in 2023. 

This seminar examines the agencies’ proposed rules and provides a framework for you to begin planning for the CRA final rule.

The proposed regulations include major changes from the current regulations. Join us to review the agencies’ new proposed rule, with comparisons to the existing and prior proposed rules, and begin planning for the implementation of the rules once final.
Whether you’re new to the requirements or a seasoned veteran, you’ll come away from this session with:

  • A comprehensive review of the rapidly changing requirements of the CRA
  • An understanding of how different sized banks are evaluated, either by thresholds, ratings, or a combination
  • The key definitions of assessment areas and how to address each type 
  • A solid grasp of how the agencies use different performance tests and standards to assess a bank’s CRA performance, and which tests apply to each type of institution 
  • Insight into how data collection and reporting comes into play
  • A detailed manual that serves as a handbook long after you’ve completed the program
9/27/2023 - 3/27/2024

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