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Contact: Kristine LaVigna
5100 Poplar Ave Ste 711
Memphis, TN 38137-0711
Tel. (901) 529-4781
Cell: (914) 656-8643

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CRA Partners

CRA Partners offers CRA support, the CRA Collaborative Peer Group, and CRA compliance programs that create safe living environments for older Americans with help from local banks. Through our Foundation, we have helped hundreds of banks earn CRA credit by protecting residents of low-income senior housing facilities via our programs: Senior Crimestoppers, Senior Secure, and Senior Sentry.

Partner with us to satisfy your bank’s CRA requirements, boost community relations, and develop new business relationships, while ensuring safety in nursing homes, HUD communities, and veterans homes.

With hundreds of banks already participating, we are protecting thousands of seniors and veterans across America.
(877) 232-0859