Security Mgt.: Robbery, Workplace Violence & CPTED

Security Management: Robbery Prevention & Response: Workplace Violence and CPTED (In-Person or Live Stream)

March 21, 2023
9:00am - 4:00pm

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$265 (In-Person); $365 (Live Stream)
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$465 (In-Person); $565 (Live Stream)

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Robbery Basics & Beyond - We have seen many changes in our country over the last couple of years.  In what seems to be an ever-increasing violent world, what can we do to protect ourselves?  Although robbery is one of the most feared crimes for bank employees, training can often be lacking and uninspired.  In this session, we will go beyond basic robbery training to put a focus on prevention and recognizing weaknesses that can leave us vulnerable.  We will reveal the facts about robbery, discuss current trends, and provide step-by-step guidelines for effective prevention, safe response, and managing the aftereffects.  What makes one location more favorable than another in the eyes of a robber?  What can we do to deter robbers from selecting our office?  We will not only cover these topics, but also basic life-saving steps employees should take to remain safe when facing a robbery.  Every employee can play a role in prevention, and it is critical that all personnel are prepared and trained in the safest response methods.  Attendees will learn various methods used by these crooks, how their observations of the event can be valuable, along with essential actions to take following a robbery.  Employees of financial institutions must recognize the risk that exists but understand that knowledge and quality training are vital to surviving a robbery safely.

Topics include

  • Use situational awareness to make yourself safer
  • Recognize vulnerabilities within your habits & environment
  • Distinguish different robbery methods
  • Realize the importance of safe opening procedures
  • Case studies/victims’ testimonies
  • Know steps to take during a robbery
  • Understand actions to avoid during a robbery
  • Identify habits that endanger
  • Learn how to reduce risk
  • Handling the aftermath of a robbery

Security Assessments: Using CPTED to Make Your Branches Safer - If you are responsible for security of your bank, it is imperative that you conduct periodic security assessments.  These evaluations are a vital part of your security program and will help you identify weaknesses in your facilities, your policies, and your procedures. In this session, we will discuss how to conduct your assessments, how often, and what things can make your office a likely target for robbers and other criminals. We will also look at branch design features that put you and your customers at greater risk and best practices for eliminating these issues.  Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) is a method of using the built environment and natural elements to make a space safer and more inviting to customers, while helping to deter criminals from selecting a particular target. Applying this philosophy can lead to a reduction in the fear of and actual occurrence of crime and can make your office a less attractive target.  Using photographs and examples to illustrate, we will look at effective uses of lighting and landscaping as well.

Topics include:

  • How to conduct your assessment
  • How often to conduct
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)
  • Good lighting vs bad lighting
  • Branch design features to avoid
  • Using landscaping to your advantage
  • Physical security measures to reduce your risk
  • Altering behavior by changing the environment
  • Thinking like a criminal


Violence in Your Workplace: Prevention & Survival - In the last few years, isolation, stress, and fear have grabbed us as never before in recent history.  Mental health professionals are overwhelmed, money is tight, and the service industry has been forced to place signs on their doors asking customers to be kind to their employees.  We must now exceed required training to give our employees tools to prevent and properly handle the unpredictable situations that will inevitably come through our doors.  Whether it be angry customers, disgruntled coworkers, domestic violence issues that spill over into the workplace, or an individual stressed out and fed up who chooses your office and your employees to terrorize, we must be prepared.

Workplace violence takes a toll - physically, emotionally, and monetarily. How many people are currently contemplating committing an act of violence in the workplace? Preventing these acts is much preferred and more cost-effective than cleaning up afterwards. It’s essential that we train employees to recognize pre-incident indicators and report them before an act of violence occurs, but it is also critical to have a plan in place to respond should the unthinkable occur. We will analyze recent cases to identify unheeded warnings, and then identify physical security measures and procedures that either were not in place or were ignored. Participants will have a clear understanding of the existing violence problems; ways to recognize warning signs; prevention policies and methods, and how they should respond in an active shooter situation.

Topics include

  • Signs of aggression
  • Domestic violence spillover
  • Situational awareness
  • The high cost of complacency
  • Recognizing & handling threats
  • Eliminating & avoiding risk
  • De-escalation techniques 
  • Reactionary gap
  • Active Shooter
  • Case studies
  • How to survive


Carol Dodgen is a nationally recognized speaker, Carol earned her master’s in criminal justice and has provided training for over 150,000 corporate, manufacturing, utility, law enforcement, and security personnel over the past 26 years. Before forming her company, Carol served as the security training officer for Compass Bank and spent several years as an adjunct criminal justice college instructor. Carol has earned her CPD (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) professional designation, and provides instruction on Crime Prevention, Robbery Prevention and Response, Workplace Violence Prevention and Response, Active Shooter, and Lone Worker Security. Carol has recently produced several video and e-learning training programs on these subjects. She is a current member and past chapter president of the American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS) and a past board member for the Alabama Women in Business. In 2009, Carol was appointed by the governor to serve on the Alabama Security Regulatory Board. Dodgen Security Consulting Company, LLC is a certified woman-owned business through the State of Alabama.

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Due to commitments we must make, if you must cancel your registration for this program, please do so at least 3 business days prior to the meeting date to avoid a $125 cancellation fee. Any registrant who does not cancel will be billed the full registration fee and sent the materials. Substitutions are welcome at no additional charge.

3/21/2023 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
LBA/The Bankers Center 5555 Bankers Avenue Baton Rouge, LA 70808 UNITED STATES

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