2020 Call Report Preparation

Member Fee: $390
Non-Member Fee: $690

Time: 9am-4pm (Both days)

Speaker: Cynthia Dopjera, Third Party Resources, Inc. (3PR)

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The Call Report is constantly changing, producing confusion and many questions. Extensive changes took place over the course of the past few years and there are more on the horizon. This seminar will provide basic training for new preparers and include complete coverage of new and complex issues for experienced preparers. The Call Report seminar presentation will be in the order of the schedules, starting with the Income Statement schedules followed by all Balance Sheet schedules. New, proposed, and revised changes will be presented in summary form at the beginning of the seminar with detailed discussion over the course of the two -days as we work through the schedules impacted by the changes applicable in current reporting as well as proposed reporting in the future.

Please note: 
Bankers who attend this seminar do not need to attend the Call Report: Recent Changes, Highlights and Pitfalls seminar on March 4. This two-day session is designed for bankers with minimal call report experience. Call Report: Recent Changes, Highlights and Pitfalls is designed for bankers with years of experience who are only interested in recent changes. We also will hold a Call Report Update Webinar on March 20. The recent call report changes will be discussed in all three programs. Please contact the LBA if you have any questions.

Please bring a copy of your general ledger and your latest call report to class. Bankers find it useful to review classifications during the class as the line items are discussed.

3/5/2020 9:00 AM - 3/6/2020 4:00 PM
LBA/The Bankers Center 5555 Bankers Avenue Baton Rouge, LA UNITED STATES

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