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Main Office
16951 W. Vernon Avenue C-1 #13
Goodyear, AZ 85395
(858) 205-0088
Area(s) of Expertise
BankServices1 is one of many consulting firms that negotiates core processor contracts. Therefore, WHY CHOOSE BANKSERVICES1?

There exists a basic truism in all of business that “customers make decisions based on value”. The key word here is “value” because if you do not perceive BankServices1 as adding value to your bank then a relationship between our organizations will never be formed and your decisions will not include us.

The value of being a BankServices1 Client is present in four areas:

1. Our extensive data base of various core processing systems and their market costs enables us to negotiate for the best possible price with very flexible terms

2. Since our data base is so strong, we will Identify a minimum, a target and a stretch savings objective. Therefore, you will know exactly what you are receiving before you approve any agreement with us.

3. We have a 37 point contract analysis which examines specific sections and paragraphs where hidden clauses are typically placed and they are eliminated from the contract.

4. “Once a BankServices Client, always a BankServices Client”. We will remain on your staff to answer question or review contracts. Of course, there is no additional fee associated with our on-going relationship.
Primary Contact
Joe Chimera
Ph: (858) 205-0088