Company Information
Main Office
65 Indel Ave
PO Box 423
Rancocas, NJ 08073-0423
(609) 261-5500
Area(s) of Expertise
Automated Signature Verification, Check Fraud Detection Applications, Safe Deposit Box Management Application
SQN Banking Systems provides image-based comparison solutions such as counterfeit check image comparison as well as forgery protection through a comprehensive suite of software engines. Take the manual limited review process out of the equation. Review more checks, reduce your false positives, catch more fraud (even at the lower dollar thresholds) and improve your workflow management. With over $16 billion of attempted check fraud in the U.S. each year and over 500 million attempts, manual review processes just aren't enough protection for your bank and your customers any longer. Automate your check fraud review process...the return on investment is very positive. Also, don't forget your commercial accounts. SQN offers one of the most complete and robust positive pay solutions in the market. SQN's solution eliminates the need to exchange files and greatly improves the review process.
Primary Contact
John Ravita
Ph: (727) 743-4230
Fax: (609) 265-9517
Toni Nippins
Ph: (727) 743-4230
Fax: (609) 265-9517