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1999 Bryan St Ste 950
Dallas, TX 75201-6882
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Area(s) of Expertise
Payment Systems Education & Risk Management, Training
ePayResources is a trade association celebrating over 40 years providing payments expertise, professional development, and industry leadership to financial institutions and businesses. We help our members be informed, compliant, and competitive with services that include education, publications, compliance support, risk management resources, and advocacy.

As a trusted payments industry leader, we help our members successfully participate in electronic payments by providing the best possible tools for understanding obligations under the ACH Operating Rules and other payment rules and regulations, thereby minimizing risk. Our Accredited ACH Professional and National Check Professional staff stay on top of the latest industry developments, so we are always prepared to provide the highest level of support on our toll-free Payments Answerline™. We are the developers of the ProceduresNow! ACH policies and procedures product; the AgreementsNow! suite of product service agreements; and the Guide to Establishing ACH Exposure Limits.

ePayResources is the second-largest Regional Payments Association member of NACHA – The Electronic Payments Association. Our subsidiary company, ePayAdvisors, provides audit and risk assessment services for ACH, Wire and Remote Deposit Capture, and payments consulting. Headquartered in Dallas, we also have offices in Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, and Alabama. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram.
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Mr. Tim Quisenberry
Ph: (214) 438-4506
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