GMR Protection Resources, Inc.
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1629 Smirl Dr, Ste 200
Heath, TX 75032
(972) 772-1311

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Mr. Joshua P. Wilken
Ph: (972) 772-1284

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Main Office
1629 Smirl Dr, Ste 200
Heath, TX 75032
(972) 772-1311
Area(s) of Expertise
Compliance, Risk Management, Security Assessment
Over the past three decades, GMR has become known as the "Industry Best Practice" for helping financial institutions meet regulatory compliance requirements and minimize risk. We are a diverse supplier, woman-owned and operated firm, specializing in ATM lighting compliance surveys, engineered lighting designs, custom facility inspections, 3D laser scanning, and security consulting. GMR self-performs over 45,000 inspections each year nationwide. Just as each client is unique, so are our methodologies and solutions.