September 2017

A Recipe for Success 

By Debbie Crawford, President of gettechnical, Inc.

Everyone wants to be successful and make more money and have more responsibility. But the recipe for success often lies in simple ingredients. If you focus on the things that you can work on today, you may be surprised at what is to follow. These are some thoughts about what works in our banking world.

  • Always walk through the door when the door is opened by your management or your peers. Never choke because you are afraid of a new challenge or opportunity. Sometimes somebody sees something in you that you did not know existed.
  • Handle disappointments well. There will be disappointments. You may be passed over for a promotion today because the bank has something else in mind for you down the road. The break through may be just around the corner. 
  • Keep your mind and your heart open. Kindness is needed everywhere in the work force. 
  • Learn, learn and learn everything you can about our industry.
  • Be reliable. 
  • Keep balance in your life. Having an outside life and faith are often the key to a long career.
  • Focus more on how you can be of service and less on other people. Sometimes we are focused on what other people are doing or not doing instead of ourselves. 
  • Relax and enjoy the process. It is a great industry.

Banking industry is endlessly fascinating and the people you will meet will help you along the way. The industry is changing quickly and will need the best and the brightest to take us through the technology transitions that are ahead.