August 2017

PWR – Professional Women Revitalized

We are bankers. We are professionals. We are women. 

Some of us are new to the banking industry and we are trying to define success for ourselves.

Some of us are in mid-career and wondering where we go from here.

Some of us have years of banking experience and would love to lift up younger women bankers.

PWR’s webpage will feature resources helpful to bankers who happen to be women. Many of the resources will not be gender specific; however, some will. We will hear from professional women from inside and around the banking industry. The goal is to support women bankers from that initial step of defining success through the mid-career questioning into the seasoned opportunity to pass on wisdom and experiences. When one of us questions why we remain in the banking industry when the deck seems stacked against us, it affects all of us. We should all work to support each other to success. We understand the definition of success is different for each of us and that is perfectly okay. The thought is that fellow women bankers’ support can help you meet your success goals more productively.

PWR – professional women revitalized, a webpage in development that will be dedicated to Louisiana’s women bankers, will be your resource!