Writing Credit Presentations (In-Person Only)

July 25, 2023
8:30am - 4:30pm 

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This training is for credit analysts, commercial lenders & loan assistants on writing credit presentations. Attendees learn how to prepare presentations that clearly describe the loan request, the borrower’s ability to repay the loan, the proposed loan structure and overall credit risk. Special attention is devoted to anticipating and preparing for questions posed by credit officers and possibly examiners when reviewing loan presentations.

Seminar Background
Commercial credit presentations should reflect a lender’s reasoning and the basis for recommending approval of a loan.  Presentations should be concise but complete with the key information and analysis required for the rendering of a credit decision.  Unfortunately, loan presentations many times are poorly written, fail to clearly explain loan structure and lack key information for supporting the soundness of the loan.

In this training session, we focus on the credit officer’s perspective and questions.  We attempt to better anticipate these questions in advance and verify that the presentation satisfactorily answers these questions. 

In the training, we look closely at the following types of loans:

  • CRE and C&I Term Loans
  • Seasonal Loans
  • Bridge Loans
  • CRE Construction Loans
  • Lines of Credit (Permanent Working Capital Loans)

A loan presentation should identify the unique purpose, source of repayment and loan structure for each of these loans.  What information should be within the presentations to address the questions and concerns of a credit officer.

Additional Key Topics

  • Structural Weaknesses
    We identify the common structural weaknesses that examiners or credit officers view in some loans. How to verify that the presentation properly addresses these weaknesses.
  • Inadequate Financial Analysis
    Poorly prepared presentations many times restate obvious changes in financial ratios or profit margins while failing to explain why the changes have taken place.  We identify examples of inadequate financial analysis and explore ways for improvement.
  • Inadequate Guarantor Analysis
    Presentations many times include a guarantor’s financials but fail to discuss the typical questions that will be posed by the credit officer. Attendees review how the presentation should address these questions. 
  • Projected Cash Flow
    How to anticipate and prepare for the questions typically asked by credit officers and examiners when reviewing cash flow projections.  We review the requirements for presenting cash flow projections for a Commercial Real Estate property.  And attendees also review a sample Global Cash Flow for a guarantor.
  • Business Risk & Management Evaluation
    Within many presentations, lenders and analysts have difficulty in properly discussing business risk and the evaluation of management. We provide practical advice on improving this part of a loan presentation.
  • Collateral Valuation
    Beyond real estate, we identify the necessary information that should be in a credit presentation to justify the potential collateral value of Accounts Receivable, Inventory & Equipment.

Credit Analysts, Lenders, Loan Operations and Loan Review 

Jim Shreve has 25 years in commercial lending/credit administration with Texas Commerce Bank, Houston, TX.  At the time, the bank was the largest commercial lender in the state of Texas. Besides his lending/credit experience, he has over 10 years of extensive loan work-out experience during the tumultuous Texas economy of the 1980’s. He holds a Master’s in Finance and a B.S. in Accounting.  Since establishing this training business in 2003, literally thousands of commercial banking credit analysts and lenders have attended his training seminars.  His workshop styled approach to training is well known for providing a rewarding experience for all attendees regardless of their background, prior experience in lending or credit analysis.


Due to commitments we must make to secure a class, we need your help.  If you must cancel your registration, please do so at least 3 business days prior to the seminar date to avoid a  $125 cancellation fee. Any registrant who does not cancel will be billed the full registration fee and sent the manual. Substitutions are welcome at no additional charge.

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7/25/2023 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
LBA/The Bankers Center 5555 Bankers Avenue Baton Rouge, LA 70808 UNITED STATES

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