Louisiana Private Works Act Revisions (Webinar)

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Speaker: David Cromwell, Pettiette, Armand, Dunkelman, Woodley, Byrd & Cromwell

This webinar will present a comprehensive analysis of the recent revision of the Louisiana Private Works Act, with an emphasis on issues of interest to construction lenders. The webinar will give special attention to new definitions used in the act, filing deadlines, requirements for no-work affidavits, notice requirements, lien ranking issues, and the expanded coverage of the act. New mechanisms of giving notices under the act, such as through electronic means, will be also reviewed, as will the transitional rules that implement the revision. Designed with both bankers and bank counsel in mind, this webinar is intended to be as beneficial to persons having little or no familiarity with the act as it is to those with substantial experience in this vital area of the law. A question and answer session will be included at the end of the presentation.

4/14/2020 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

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