Intro to Laser Pro Consumer Real Estate (Virtual via WebEx*

*Please note:  This class was originally scheduled for May 25 but rescheduled to June 29 because of an unforeseen scheduling conflict for the speaker. 

This program will be a virtual program through WebEx. Registered participants will use their own computer with their own LaserPro for the training. Some pre-work is required by bank LaserPro Administrator for registered participants. Limited seats available. Please register early.

Member Fee:  $399
Non-Member Fee: $599

This is a beginner’s course that focuses on how to use LaserPro to produce Consumer Real Estate loan documentation for loans subject to the TRID Regulation. This course is taught at a beginner’s level, but current LaserPro processors may also benefit. The course is divided into two sections. The first section is designed to teach someone how to navigate through LaserPro’s processing workflow to produce a Loan Estimate and early disclosures. The second section is designed to teach someone how to navigate through LaserPro’s Document Prep phase to produce a Closing Disclosure and closing loan documentation.

Please Note: This is not a compliance seminar. The trainer cannot render compliance advice or legal advice.

Main Objectives

  • Learn to navigate and produce loan documentation in the LaserPro Software
  • Understand the Processing workflow and the Document Prep Workflow


  • Complete the Processing workflow to generate and review a Loan Estimate and early disclosure package
  • Complete the Doc Prep workflow to generate and review a Closing Disclosure and closing document package

To participate in this WebEx session, participants will need access to the following basic items:

  • A Computer with a stable internet connection. Note: It is best to use Chrome or Edge browsers to connect to a WebEx session.
  • Access to join a WebEx Session (invitation to join the session will be provided)
  • Audio capability with access to mute feature (could consist of dialing in from a phone OR utilizing functioning speakers and microphone on the computer
  • Access to your financial institution’s LaserPro software with access to the Consumer Module
  • Basic knowledge of their bank’s lending policies and practices relating to Consumer Real Estate Loans subject to the TRID Regulation

To ensure each participant has a successful hands-on training session, the LaserPro Administrator of each financial institution will be required to complete the following admin work PRIOR to the training session: 

  • Ensure that the person participating in the training is setup as a user in General System Setup (GSS)
  • Ensure that the participant has access to the Consumer Module with access to Processing and Document Prep (Closing) and access to Add Consumer Transactions
  • Create a new Consumer real estate template for use during the training (specific information relating to details of how this template needs to be setup will be communicated after registration, prior to the training date)

Although experienced processors may benefit from this class, processors that are new to preparing Consumer Real Estate loan documents in LaserPro will benefit the most.

Teresa Uptain
is a Software Training Advisor for Finastra. Prior to joining Finastra, she has an extensive 15 year background working in the banking industry in which she holds many accomplishments. Teresa joined Finastra, the world’s 3rd largest Fintech company, in 2016. She joined the company as a LaserPro Trainer. She has since evolved in her position and currently trains many of the company’s software’s. She remains a Subject Matter Expert with the LaserPro software.

6/29/2022 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

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