Leadership Day (Virtual)

This program has been changed to a virtual program through Zoom.

Member Fee for Virtual Live Seminar:  $265
Non-Member Fee for Virtual Live Seminar:  $465

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Paul Hasney, Imagine Consulting and Julie Laperouse and McCaala Nelson, Emergent Method

Topics include: 

  • Building Effective Teams- Winning teams require consistent contributions from all team members. Building Effective teams focuses on the components of winning teams. This session is highly interactive and includes group and individual activities.
  • We Don't Talk About That at Work (Tackling Tough Conversations Head On) When we enter the professional world, we are told there are conversations to avoid, but we have reached a time where we are seeing the effects of having avoided those conversations for too long. Tough conversations are inevitable, from our personal to professional lives. It is time to understand the dynamics within your organization and assess ways to become more inclusive and forward-thinking. This workshop provides the tools to foster a space that challenges your team to embrace the tough conversations.

10/1/2020 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM
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