La. Deposit Accounts Study Part III: Successions (Webinar)

Louisiana Deposit Accounts Study Part III: When your Customer Dies - Successions & Affidavits

Please note: This is part 3 in a 4-part webinar series. Registration is per part, you do not have to register for the entire 4-part series. Dates for the other parts are as follows (see brochure for more information) - Part 1 (July 12), Part II (July 19) and Part IV (August 16). 

Member Fee:  $165 per connection 
Non-Member Fee:  $265 per connection 

Speaker: Debbie Crawford, gettechnical, Inc.

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Louisiana is a unique state in its issues and affidavits at death. Learn what the affidavits will do in transferring money at death to the heirs and spouse. Learn what is involved in a small succession. How do we open an estate account? We will talk about other types of accounts at death and handling of checks and other items at death. This special study will guide you through the process of working with customers after a beloved family member dies.
8/2/2021 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM

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