LA Deposit Accts. Study Part 2: Fiduciary Accounts (Web)

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Speaker: Debbie Crawford, gettechnical, Inc. 

This webinar is part of a four-part study. We will work directly from the LA Deposit Account Manual. You will receive a new copy of the Louisiana Deposit Accounts manual and a study outline. We will test ourselves at the end of each section to check our knowledge. We will make our way through the entire manual during our summer study. If you are only interested in a part of the study, you can sign up for each individual part.

What is a fiduciary? How are they supposed to behave? What is acting in the best interests of the owner? These questions will be addressed in our second session on these high-level accounts. You will learn what each job can do and not do. You will receive information on document requirements for these accounts and get into the common errors we make on signature cards with these accounts. Learn how to handle these accounts at the death of the owner or at the death of the fiduciary. 
7/14/2020 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

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