2022 Call Report Preparation (In-Person Only)

2022 Call Report Preparation (In-Person Only) 
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Schedule: 9am-4pm both days

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The Call Report has been subject to many changes over the course of 2020, 2021 and continues to be impacted by economic, accounting and regulatory changes in 2022. Our recent challenges related to the economic crisis under COVID-19 have added to the reporting burden with changes impacting all financial institutions that will continue into 2022 with a bit of uncertainty for this March 31, 2022 reporting date.

This 2-day training will provide basic training for new preparers and include extensive coverage of new and complex issues for experienced preparers. New, proposed, and revised changes will be presented in summary form at the beginning of the seminar with detailed discussion over the course of the training as we work through the schedules impacted by the changes applicable in current reporting as well as proposed reporting in the future.

Participants will receive handout materials to support the training agenda. This training will cover the FFIEC 041 and 051 forms. It is advised that participants bring a copy of their recent Call Report, or print out a blank copy of the form applicable to their Bank.

Topics include
This 2-day training will cover general preparation instructions, background on regulatory matters that impact the Call Report, changes in reporting status, regulatory rules to include the CARES Act and regulatory interim and final rules, and general information about reporting requirements under U.S. GAAP.

A summary of the reporting impact and the implementation timelines for new Accounting Standards Updates (ASU) related to the following will be discussed:

  • Reference Rate Reform under ASU 2020-04
  • Lease Accounting under ASU 2016-02
  • Credit Loss Accounting (CECL) under ASU 2016-13 to include regulatory reporting matters.

A discussion of regulatory changes impacting the 2022 Call Report will be covered in detail. As new regulatory matters arise, they will be added to the agenda in order to provide participants with the most current training applicable for the March 31, 2022 Call Report. Currently, regulatory topics covered in this seminar will include: 

  • Reporting sweep accounts in the newly added items for RC-E.
  • International Remittance transfers and what changes are in effect that may impact the reporting items for your institution.
  • Accounting and reporting Troubled Debt Restructurings: 2022 reporting related to Section 4013 of the CARES Act, and the 2020 regulatory Revised Statement issued by the Regulators.
  • Risk weighting loans with targeted look as those loans impacted by modifications made as a result of COVID-19. 2022 eligibility under the CBLR framework with reduced RC-R reporting.
  • Understanding the term “unconditionally cancelable” when it comes to reporting off-balance sheet commitments.
  • Loan coding items to be aware of including the current status for reporting PPP loans and the associated fees.
  • High level Call Report impact from the adoption of CECL. What to be aware of as you prepare for adoption of ASU 2016-13.
  • New item RC-R Part 1 item 31.b – what institutions are impacted by the new election related to the standardized approach to risk weighting counterparty credit
  • Classification of HELOCs and reporting changes to open-end and closed-end lines of credit secured by 1-4 family residential properties. With the first new reporting year behind us – are we properly reporting these revolving lines?


  •  RI - Report of Income
  •  RC-K - Average Balances
  •  RI-A - Changes in Equity Capital
  •  RC-L - Unused Commitments & Off-Balance Sheet Items
  •  RI-B - Charge-Offs and Recoveries
  •  RC-M – Memoranda
  •  RI-C - Allowance for Credit Losses
  •  RC-N - Past Due, Nonaccruals & TDRs
  •  RI-E - Explanations
  •  RC-O - Insurance Assessments
  •  RC - Report of Condition
  •  RC-P – Mortgage Banking Activities
  •  RC-A - Cash and Due From Banks
  •  RC-Q – Reporting Fair Value Assets and Liabilities
  •  RC-B – Securities
  •  RC-R Part I - Capital Ratios and the CBLR
  •  RC-C - Loans
  •  RC-R Part II - Risk Weighting Assets
  •  RC-E - Deposits
  •  RC-S - Servicing, Securitization, Sales
  •  RC-F - Other Assets
  •  SU – Report 051 items covered with discussion of Form 041 corresponding items
  •  RC-G - Other Liabilities

Call Report preparation requires knowledge of bank accounting, bank regulations, and virtually all bank operations. Annual training is highly recommended by regulators. Banks should have a trained preparer and a trained reviewer. Anyone responsible for preparing, reviewing, or signing a Call Report will find this program valuable. Experienced preparers and reviewers will benefit from the updates and the continued discussion on accounting and financial reporting matters. The seminar will provide basic training for new preparers, though some basic accounting knowledge is helpful, and complete coverage of new and complex issues for experienced preparers. Specific areas of concern should be communicated to the sponsor in advance of the seminar so that these areas can be covered with appropriate adequacy.

Please Note: Bankers who attend this seminar do not need to attend the half day Call Report Preparation seminar on February 16. The February 16 class is designed for bankers with years of call report experience who are only interested in recent changes. The recent call report changes will be discussed in both programs. Please contact the LBA if you have any questions.

Cynthia Dopjera, a Certified Public Accountant, has 38 years of experience focused on accounting and regulatory reporting for financial institutions. During the first 18 years of her career, Ms. Dopjera held various positions with responsibility across all operational areas, to include accounting, internal audit, Call Report preparation and review while working for community as well as regional banks. In 2000, Ms. Dopjera joined the public accounting firm of Harper & Pearson Company, P.C., where she served as Practice Leader for the Firm’s financial institutions practice covering community and regional institutions. The Firm’s services included financial statement audit, accounting, tax preparation and filing, internal control audit, Call Report audit, loan and asset quality review, and design and implementation of internal controls over financial reporting frameworks for institutions regulated under FDICIA and Sarbanes -Oxley. In 2018, Ms. Dopjera retired from Harper & Pearson Company, and currently provides accounting, consulting, and training services to financial institutions.

Due to commitments we must make to secure a class, we need your help. If you must cancel your registration, please do so at least 3 business days prior to the seminar date to avoid a $175 cancellation fee. Any registrant who does not cancel will be billed the full registration fee and sent the manual. Substitutions are welcome at no additional charge.

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2/17/2022 9:00 AM - 2/18/2022 4:00 PM
LBA/The Bankers Center 5555 Bankers Avenue Baton Rouge 70808

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