ABA Courses

LBA is a Local ABA Training Provider


Online Self-Paced E-Learning Courses

The ABA offers several self-paced e-Learning courses in the areas of retail, small business banking, wealth management and trust, management and leadership, and compliance.  To register for these classes please contact Janet Holmes Pitts with the Louisiana Bankers Association at pitts@lba.org or at (225) 214-4830. 

ABA Diplomas and Certificates

For more than 100 years, bankers have taken advantage of the diploma and certificate programs sponsored by ABA Training to prepare for careers in banking or to enhance the skills and knowledge they already possess. Certificates build the skills necessary for a specific position in the bank and can be taken entirely online as a certificate curriculum. Diplomas, which take longer to complete, provide broader and more in-depth coverage of banking as a profession. The programs are continually reevaluated and refined to reflect the current needs of bankers in their jobs today and changes in the industry. For more information, please contact Janet Holmes Pitts with the LBA at pitts@lba.org or at (225) 214-4830.

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