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The GMFS LLC Agent programs were designed to assist banks and credit unions with their long-term mortgage needs. With the ever-expanding compliance regulations, many banks and credit unions are finding it more and more difficult to offer long-term mortgages while staying in compliance with RESPA, HMDA, the Fair Lending Act, the Dodd Frank Act, etc. GMFS developed the Agent program specifically to assist banks and credit unions in offering their customers a variety of mortgage products with or without the need to maintain an internal compliance or support staff.

Under the Agent program, your institution can offer customers mortgage products, avoid the compliance nightmare, avoid additional staffing needs, and still provide a superb level of customer service. Banks/CU will be able to utilize GMFS support staff to streamline their cost in all aspects of the loan process. GMFS will provide, processing, underwriting, closing , funding and compliance support on all loans. These program will also allow you to offer permanent financing for any construction loans your institution may offer but are fearful of your customers taking not only their long term lending needs to a competitor, but also possibly losing your customers depository accounts as well.

Headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, GMFS, LLC originates residential mortgage loans, primarily in the southern states. Founded in 1999, GMFS has approximately 250 employees. Since 1999, GMFS has funded home loans for more than 96,000 customers in multiple states resulting in over $16.7 billion in funding and currently $7.5 billion in servicing.
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