Main Office
11606 Southfork Ave Ste 100
Baton Rouge, LA 70816-5235
(225) 922-4703
Area(s) of Expertise
Credit Risk Management, Data Analytics, Portfolio Management
Innovative Analytics is a data analytics firm providing credit risk management services to small and mid-sized financial institutions. Founded by credit reporting and financial services professionals with over 75 years of combined experience in credit reporting, portfolio management, consumer lending, and credit risk management, Innovative Analytics offers a highly cost-effective, cloud-based credit risk management system that delivers information to help its clients optimally manage their portfolio performance by enhancing customer relationships, reliably predicting future behavior and maximizing collections efforts. Innovative Analytics uses a proactive approach to credit risk management by delivering a comprehensive view into customer credit profiles to help businesses (i) determine the proper level of funding for debt reserves, (ii) target better customers for cross-sell promotions and affinity programs, (iii) identify which customers are at the highest risk of delinquency and (iv) allocate collection resources efficiently. Our goal is to provide small and mid-sized financial institutions with cost-effective tools to allow them to efficiently and effectively identify, measure and mitigate current and future credit risk within in their consumer loan portfolio.
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