Product Overview

Community Cash is a surcharge-free ATM alliance allowing participating banks’ customers access to the combined ATM locations. Participating banks do not charge their own customers nor any participating bank’s customers for use at each other’s ATM terminals.

A surcharge is a fee that a financial institution charges the customers of other banks for an ATM withdrawal at one of its ATMs.  This is commonly referred to as a foreign transaction.

Banks that offer debit or credit cards are referred to as “issuers”, and, operators of ATMs are referred to as “acquirers”.  Each Community Cash participant stands in the role of both “issuer” and “acquirer”.  

Each participating bank’s cards are identified by BIN numbers issued by the card network such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, etc.  Each participating bank’s ATM has a Terminal ID.  

Each Community Cash participant waives both other participants’ BINs and Terminal IDs so that all participating banks’ customers can utilize all participating banks’ ATM locations free of charge.  

Role of Community Cash

  • Actively markets Community Cash alliance to banks throughout the state of Louisiana
  • Maintains Community Cash website (
  • Creates Community Cash marketing for participating banks. Downloads of available marketing pieces are available on the User Group meeting webpage, which is available to all participating banks.
  • Maintains Community Cash administrative technology for the benefit of participating banks
  • Facilitates Community Cash User Group including User Group Meetings
  • Distributes quarterly BIN and Terminal ID updates to all participating banks and processors provided by participating banks

Role of Participating Bank

  • Sign Community Cash User Agreement.
  • Provide annual membership fee to Community Cash.
  • Assign a bank Community Cash administrator to make all necessary changes within Community Cash administrative system.
  • Assign a banker to participate in Community Cash User Group Meetings.
  • Input own bank’s BINs, Terminal IDs, Terminal addresses and card processors into Community Cash administrative system after initial membership, prior to beginning of next quarter. Subsequent changes to BINs, Terminal IDs, Terminal address and card processors, input changes before the beginning of the quarter in which the changes become effective.
  • Verify bank’s BINs, Terminal IDs, Terminal addresses, card processors and any other information entered into Community Cash administrative system at least once each quarter.
  • Within 30 days of receipt of quarterly updates of BINs, Terminal IDs and card processors, input updates into your own bank’s systems
  • If a Community Cash participating bank has a customer who is charged an ATM fee when using an ATM within the network, let Community Cash know.  Community Cash will provide the participating bank the contact for the bank charging the fee.  Community Cash participants can either contact the other participating bank directly or Community Cash will contact them on your behalf.

If you have any questions or need more information, click here to contact Community Cash.